New Polyclinic in Malinovka district has been opened up!

We worked hard since early morning. New patients were coming in a great number. With no break we were receiving calls ordering home appointments. Until that day there was only one polyclinic in Malinovka. 

Modern architecture. Multidisciplinary. It was designed for 850 visits per shift. It had even a day hospital. In here medical aid will be provided to people living in two new built microdistricts: Malinovka-8 and Brilevichi. The patients will be transferred over here gradually, since the polyclinic will start working in full power in a month. 

Sophia Strelchenya, the Radiology Department, the Chief Officer says: I have worked for many years as a radiologist and have been used old equipment for twenty years or even more. And now new equipment has less radiation impact on patients and gives a better picture quality. 

Sergei Makhnach, the Chief Physician says: We can perform a full examination of the heart or gastrointestinal tract. Over time, we have scheduled to open here an interdistrict endoscopy center.  


  1. Therapeutic Department No. 1
  2. Therapeutic Department No. 2
  3. Therapeutic Department No. 3
  4. Central Sterilization Department
  5. Women's Health Center
  6. Dentistry Department
  7. Trauma and Surgery Department
  8. District Urological Center
  9. Neurology Department
  11. Ophthalmology Room
  12. Endocrinology Room
  13. Infectious Disease Room
  14. Day Care Department
  15. Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory
  16. Medical Rehabilitation Department
  17. X-ray Department
  18. Functional Diagnostics Room
  19. Prevention Department
  20. Procedure Room
  21. District Endoscopy Center